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Hi again! Finished your last version of the game. New boss is much better than the one that was before. He actually has some challenge. Has a bug when he jumps into textures, but I am think that you're aware of it. Didn't really get the idea behind arenas with enemies when you have to kill a certain amount of those. Didn't get it because IMHO combat system is not as advanced to keep arenas interesting like in DMC series for example. I think these sections make sence if your game has deep combat system that brings a lot of fun and cool situations. It's not really a case here. My suggestion is to make arenas like special sections that are made by hand. I mean that it has some individuality and not just some basic part of the level that closes when you enter. Those are good to lengthen the gameplay hours, but to make them fun you should make combat more diverse or make such sections unique. Like spawn enemies in such a way which is cool to kill them or place some interactive environment by hand and design the section specifically for closed arena combat. Otherwise, they can get anoying. Maybe some more open space, obstacles, moving obstacles and agressive enemies to make the player move to get the arena feel intense. Also, maybe it's my personal problem, but on keyboard controls feel like having an input lag. Especially it feels when jumping. And yeah, boss attack animations are cool.

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Hey! I completed your demo. Now I get your idea with smiles. So, continuing my talk about better platforming experience. I think that dashing to enemies or special points while jumping is cool idea. Especially I think of levels that have dynamic platforming sequence where you need to combine wall jumping, ground dashes and dashing with special attack. Or a multiphase boss fight having these. By the way, wall jumping controls now feel much better and it gives some joy doing wall jumps. HP reduction also affected very nicely. Killing slimes is much more fun. However, boss fight at the end of the level feels strange. I think that you are still developing it as the boss just runs left-right rarely bashing with shield which is easy to dodge. Also, I guess that you want player to dodge boss attacks, but personally I wanted to jump over that shield bash. Not a big issue, but I thought that I can do it. And maybe it's a good idea to try out different jump speed settings. I mean that jump can feel a bit slow or not having enough power you know. Like that feeling when you understand that jump has a bit of an impulse. You press the button and the hero accelerates fast. Probably, it's not the feeling you want in your game, but I guess it's worth thinking about something like this. It can make jump feel slightly more responsive. Overall, the game feels good. Waiting for new levels to come.)

This is all really good feedback and I'm glad you came back to finish the demo. I'll be sure to keep up consistent progress and that boss fight will be one of the first overhauls I make.


Hi. I was looking through devlog updates and stumbled upon your game. Decided to have a look. You have a pretty nice pixel-art. You obviously need to do a lot for this project). But, I want to give some feedback. I guess that you want people to play this with a controller, however I played with a keyboard and controlls are a bit unintuitive. I don't think there's a reason to make two buttons for jump. I can press Z and I can press Space. Sometimes it can be confusing and in my opinion it's better to remove Z as Space is more comfortable and intuitive. Also, wall jumping is strange. Instinctively I want to hold arrow button and then press jump and at the same time hold the opposite side arrow button to leap to the other wall. Here I fall down doing so. Maybe it makes sense to improve it.  There're a lot of ice walls, but if game has wall jump you probably want to use it more. Jump I think is too low or walls in some places are too high. I won't say anything about sound because I guess it's just a placeholder for now. Particles are nice and have a really juicy impact. Small enemies (slimes) are maybe have too many HP. When I see some enemy that looks like a tiny slime I think that it is very weak and can be killed in 2-3 hits. And sorry for that, but I still don't understand what I need to do with that smile holding on a pillar and can't proceed further in the level). I like your idea of the game and really looking forward to what you plan to implement into your game. Waiting for updates. Hope this comment helps you in your development.

Thank you so much for playing and reaching out to me, I've included quite a few of your suggestions into a hotfix that should be live right now that has a big keyboard update that lets you attack with the mouse as well as give a better indicator for the puzzle you concluded the demo at. I made wall jumping a lot easier for the specific method you mentioned as well. Hopefully next time I update the game I'll have a brand new level with your suggestions in mind for a much more free platforming experience.

Hey is there anyway I could talk to you on discord about your game?

sure you can @ me at #2592