This is a small action game level made to demonstrate a few mechanics, changing characters, dashing, and attacking, and my game art skills.

Huge homage to Tokusatsu in my character's design.


Added Special Attack, Combo Attack, and Ability for Small Rider to shoot.


Added Turrets to 2nd half of the level

Added Keyboard Controls


-Added target attack while in air to perform a BRAVE KICK at foes and obstacles

-Adjusted player physics, gravity, movement speed, jump strength

-Added Wallsticking/WallJumping

-Created a new level to test these new Movement Abilities

-Created a Boss Battle to test the player's combat skills

(Note: dying to this boss will require a reset as the boss door locks on death; will fix soon sorry!)

-Revamped health system to better suit combat

-Shooting no longer costs meter

-Sword form Zoe can now dash on the ground

-Enemies can no longer obstruct you while they recover from an attack




D-Pad / Left Analog to Move

X to Jump

 Square or L1 to Attack/Shoot

Circle or R1 to Use Special Punch/Dash

Triangle to Henshin!


Arrow Keys / WASD to Move

Z to Jump

X to Attack/Shoot

C to Special Attack / Dash

V to Henshin!

Use Your Dash to cover greater distances and Absorb Bullets

Use your Special Punch to Obliterate Enemies

Make it to the end of the level with your understanding of the mechanics.

Design - Fxy
Game Art - Fxy
Title Theme - Hero Immortal by Trevor Lentz
Stage 1 Theme - City On Speed by Section 31 -Tech 

Updated 11 hours ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, kamen-rider, Pixel Art, sprites, Unity


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Hey is there anyway I could talk to you on discord about your game?

sure you can @ me at #2592